Művelődés-, Tudomány- és Orvostörténeti Kiadó
Folyóirat: 2020/20
Halász Péter

He was born in 1939 to refugee parents from Upper Hungary and graduated from the University of Agriculture in 1962.Workplaces: Kiskunsági Állami Gazdaság (Kiskunság State Farm) Crew Chief (1962 to 1964), Agrártudományi Egyetem (University of Agricultural Sciences) Administrator (1964 to 1965), Agrárgazdasági Kutató Intézet (Agricultural Economics Research Institute) Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow (1965 to 1992), Magyar Művelődési Intézet (Hungarian Institute for Culture) Director (1992 to1995), Senior Research Fellow (1996 to 1997), Duna TV Workshop Leader, Editor in Chief (1997 to 2000), Magyar Művelődési Intézet General Counsel (2001 to 2010). He has been living and working as a senior citizen in Gyimesközéplok since 2010.Since 1966 he has been involved with the history, ethnography and fate of the Hungarians of Moldavia.He published the results of his research in this field in ethnographic research studies and national politics essays.