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Folyóirat: 2020/21
Robert Offner Dr.

Dr. Robert  Offner (Miercurea Ciuc / Csíkszereda / Szeklerburg, 1960)

He attended the Medical University in Cluj-Napoca / Kolozsvár / Klausenburg (Romania)  and got his doctor’s diploma in 1985 at the same place. He practiced medicine for three years there, in Moldova and in the Saxon village Jidvei / Zsidve / Seiden, then he got married and emigrated 1990 with his family to Bayreuth in Germany. For 18 years he worked for the Blood Donation Service of the Bavarian Red Cross as tranfusiologist, and head physician. Three years ago he was appointed to medical head of the Plasma Center in Bayreuth (KEDPlasma Germany). In 2012 hemoved to the University Hospital Regensburg, where he works as a deputy chief of the Department of Transfusion Medicine and a lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Offner’s central field of reserach is the medical and pharmaceutical history of Transylvania and the history of peregrination of Transylvanian medical students and physicians. He has published several books and articles regarding his topic.